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Artwork by Jessica Ann Jones (http://www.jessicawifall.com/)Engineer by day... Artist by night

I was born and raised in Tucson. As an artist I am primarily self-taught. I took art classes in grade school and several summer classes outside school in pencil drawing and watercolor; but I chose to focus my education on science and engineering.  I studied at the University of Arizona and received my bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in 2008.  During the day I am an engineer at a cancer diagnostics company and I make complex equipment; but in my free time I like to make a different kind of art. 

When I was very young, if someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up it was always a close call between artist and scientist.  In middle school and high school I made a little money through various artistic endeavors, mostly by doing portraiture of people's children, friends, family members (and once a goat) for commission. I also worked one summer for the Oro Valley Art Council, where I designed and built a mosaic tile bench that is installed in Rancho Vistoso.

After graduating, art remained a hobby and I systematically worked my way from black and white pencil drawing to colored pencil.  Initially I was motivated to start painting on canvas because I wanted some artwork for my own home. I began painting more seriously in March 2012 after a minor surgery.  While I was staying at my parents’ house to recover I painted the flowers my co-workers had sent me.  Fortuitously my mom, who is the interior designer for my parents' Original Semi-custom Art on canvas, Artwork by Jessica Ann Jones (http://www.jessicawifall.com/)company, brought Joy, a client, by the house.  She asked if I sold or commissioned artwork.

My artwork combines traditional paintings with digital techniques.  Using computerized image manipulation in combination with on-demand art reproduction introduces a unique flexibility to expand the scope of the art.  My objective is that the artwork stands on its own and becomes a part of the larger living-art design of your home.

Other than personal homes, my art work can be seen in the Insight Homes Models at the Preserve at Dove Mountain and in Career Center at the University of Arizona.