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Learn about Custom Color

Explore what is possible with custom color for your décor , Artwork by Jessica Ann Jones (http://www.jessicawifall.com/learn-about-custom-color/)Explore what is possible with custom color for your décor , Artwork by Jessica Ann Jones (http://www.jessicawifall.com/learn-about-custom-color/)

My art is unique in that it combines traditional painting techniques with digital artwork.  Through the use of digital techniques and on-demand-printing I can colorize an art piece uniquely for you to "go" with your décor.   Check out a few different examples of how this can work to get a better idea.  

Customized sizing is also available upon request as part of custom colorization.  To order custom sizing, please contact me directly, as not all paintings can be reproduced in all sizes. 

Colorization Fee                                                                                                            

The fee for custom colorization includes your personal color consultation with me, custom colorization of your art piece, and a sample print proof of the final art piece.

Custom colorization fee is only $5.00 during the grand opening special.  

How to Order        

  1. Go to Custom Colorization and fill out the fields and add to your cart.
    • If you know which art piece that you want, add that to your cart, noting custom colorization in the special instructions field.
    • If you haven’t decided which piece you want to have colorized yet, don’t worry.  I can assist with selecting art in the course of your consultation. 
  2. Continue to check out.  If you haven’t already done so, create an account.

What happens after you order     

Once you check out, you will receive an automated email confirming your order.  Within the next few days you will receive another email directly from me.  I will have reviewed the information that you filled out and will ask for any additional information I need at this time.  We will continue to exchange information and digital proofs until you are satisfied with the art.

After the art has been finalized digitally, I will send you a sample print for your final approval.  At this time if you have not already done so, you will need to purchase the artwork before it can be printed.

When I have final approval from you I will send your custom art file to the printer.  You will receive a notification email with a tracking number when your art is shipped (approximately 1-3 weeks after the printer receives your file). 


Please note: Custom colorization includes changes to the colors in the artwork and limited print-size modifications.  Changes to the subject or composition of the artwork itself are not included.  If you are interested in commissioning an original art piece, please contact me directly.